Affairs are devastating. Not knowing the truth can bring you unwanted anxiety, stress and hardship. If you're married, this can bring financial risk and the feelings of betrayal and mistrust. The mental stress of not knowing can be overwhelming, causing hardships at home and at work. If you're engaged or about to be married, the time to know the truth is now, and not after a long embattled divorced! 
Michael Hebert Investigations has been conducting infidelity investigations in the Lafayette area to include statewide in Louisiana for over 18 years. We know what it takes to plan and gather the evidence for you so you can make the decisions you need to protect your family and livelihood. We have testified in local courts involving adulterous matters with successful conclusions. We will work close with your attorney to make sure we get the evidence you need. Most evidence is gathered using video/photo surveillance.
We use the most up to date equipment for evidence gathering to include digital camcorders, concealed video devices and GPS tracking. The final report will be completed in a chronological order along with video and photo snippets so all of the known facts are clear and precise.  
We Are Your Premier Private Investigators in the Lafayette, Louisiana Area!  

Please call us today so you can get the answers you need.
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