Child Custody

Child Custody
Since the courts are unable to monitor the activities of each parent on a day to day basis, it has become more common for parents and attorneys to hire the expertise of a child custody investigator to gather the evidence needed to win your case. 

These activities could be the day to day relationship between the parent and child. Is the parent spending time with the child or just pawning them off on relatives or others? Are there signs of any physical, mental abuse or neglect? Other factors include drug and alcohol abuse by the parent when the child is in their custody. Cohabitation can become an issue after a final divorce has been obtained, however the parent has not remarried and is having a new live-in lover living at the domicile while the child is present. 
Michael Hebert Investigations has conducted many child custody investigations in the Lafayette area to include other areas in Louisiana. We will obtain the evidence you need for a successful outcome to your case. We will utilize all of the available tools and technologies needed to get the job done. We will always be mindful of all current laws and privacy issues so you can rest assured we are operating in a legal and professional manner. 

There are many reasons one would hire a private investigator regarding a child custody issue, but the main reasons are:

•Prove Neglect
•Visitation Rights
•Prove Abuse
•Stability & Lifestyle
•Criminal Activity
•Domestic Violence
•Sexual Abuse
•Barred Associates

We can provide you with evidence consisting of video and photos that will help in the successful outcome of your case!
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